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Anni has a unique voice, capable of reaching to sultry depths before climbing to dizzying heights. Her compositions range from a soft jazz to harder edged rock. The best way to get to know Anni is to listen to some of her tracks.

Have a listen to these quick samples . . .

About ANNI

Anni's material is all original, co-composed by herself and her producer, John Lister. John has a long history of production and runs a studio where the songs are recorded.

In Anni's own words, "I've been singing for as long as I can remember. I had sung in a rock band, doing voice work and otherwise just coasting along until now. I'm finally free to create my own original songs and help with their production."

Anni's third album will be released in the autumn of 2023.

We think Anni's time has come and we hope you'll agree.

Actual comments from recent listeners...

"You are an incredible singer."

"You have set a new standard . . . Incredible singing skills."

"Your vocals have a cool ethereal quality to them and they are very pleasant to the ear."

"You're an incredible singer. You so inspire me."

"Anni has a beautiful sound to her voice..."

"Your vocals sound pure amazing."

"Her voice is really great and the backing instruments add a lot of mystique and intrigue."

"Great vocals and great potential. Reminded me of Nightwish."

From recent reviews...

"Anni's seamlessly cutting vocal lines..."

"...enough raw power in her vocal lines they could be used as a natural energy source."

"Anni is gorgeously vulnerable and unfuckwithable in the same harmonically pitched breath."

Some Facebook comments...

(for "Man of Mystery")"Great instrumental arrangement and production with a catchy hook. You hit the old school Bond vibe out of the park! I really liked it!"

"That was absolutely beautiful."