About Anni

Anni has been singing for as long as she can remember. Her voice ranges from soft, airy, operatic femininity to raw power, and she can switch this back and forth seemingly effortlessly.

After doing work for a few bands, and a lot of voice work in jingles and other commercial work, she decided it was time to finally get noticed. At first, she figured that edgy rock music would be her best choice, so she contacted some local studios to begin work on a demo song.

After working at Fingerman Studios in Cornwall, Ontario, she realized that the tracks recorded there were of radio-quality. She also fell in love with the whole idea that her song ideas could be realized in a fairly short amount of time.

Co-writing, and sometimes co-producing at Fingerman meant she could have a debut digital album that the public could discover and purchase. So she set up an account at 'Bandcamp' and her music is now avilable there.

Her first album is a mix of styles ranging from pop to symphonic rock, but she is leaning more towards a softer jazz-rock mellow R&B style.

Her future goals are to continue creating music, and when the writing tapers down a little, she hopes to find a promoter or manager who can get her some live appearances.

Anni deals with anxiety and at first she always kept her face partially hidden or blurred. But she chose to say 'To hell with it' and began to show more of who she is. The song, 'The Revealing' is her way of dealing with stage fright - by singing about it.

Hi! This is Anni. I hope you enjoy my music and consider supporting me by purchasing some of my tracks from Bandcamp. Thanks!